I am angry

Oct 09 2018 Published by under sexism

I am angry. A group of mostly men who make decisions that affect us are telling us that our voices don’t matter and that our bodies are not our own. They are telling us that their votes that ignore women’s voices is not a referendum on women. How could it not be?  

I am hurt. A man who cannot control his feelings is being believed above a woman. A brave woman who, despite being the victim, the one who should be angry, who has every right to be yelling and screaming, is calm and collected. She has told her story before Senators who do not believe her and do care about her experiences simply because she is a woman.

I am traumatized. I have never been assaulted, thank goodness. But like every woman, I have had a moment where I worried it might happen and can imagine it all too vividly. Have you seen the list of things men and women do to prepare for assault? Women think about it. Men don’t have to.

I am scared. A man who has been accused of sexual assault was approved to be on the Supreme Court. He has the power to tell every woman in the land what to do with their bodies. I have seen his rage and I shudder to think what he will do with this power. 

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  • Jaws says:

    I am scared for a professional reason:

    People who have demonstrated that they have no clue about either investigation or deliberation have given final, unreviewable, nonreversible approval to appointment of an individual who will ultimately engage ONLY in making final, unreviewable, nonreversible supervisory decisions concerning investigation and deliberation.

    As bad as the anticipated decisions from Justice Dudebro are likely to be, it's the unanticipated ones that will do the most damage in the long run. For example, there's good reason to believe that Justice Kennedy's "pure civil procedure" decision in Ashcroft v. Iqbal has been far more damaging to future civil-rights and gender-discrimination cases in the last decade than any of the (often misguided) decisions on the substance of civil rights and gender discrimination. And that scares me about the new Justice, because his "mundane" civil procedure decisions have demonstrated unremitting hostility to all plaintiffs who aren't corporations or governments (and for the latter, if the plaintiff is suing a corporation, the corporation gets the benefit of the doubt). And since plaintiffs in federal suits that aren't pure commercial law tend to be the unempowered, you can probably figure out where that is headed...

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