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Imagine the recent Women’s marches all over the US and world without pussyhats.  Sure, signs were clever and creative, but the collective message and solidarity of participants were loud and clear in the sea of bright pink hats with pointy corners.


Does the upcoming March for Science on April 22 need hats? What will be the unifying message?  Ideas are trickling in some corners of internet.  


Because there are so many areas of science and implication of its celebration, advocation, and protection is vast, it may be difficult and/or unnecessary to come up with a single symbol that encompasses all of them.  


But being a former neuroscientist turned a crafter, I’m going to put on a thinking cap on…(pun intended) and explore some possibilities for a March for Science hat.


Among my neuroscientist friends, a brain hat has been a popular idea [each image is linked to its source].


Now, this is truly a thinking cap (again, intended). I’ve seen this design in many places and most often.  In a way, this can be a unifying symbol/hat, that we all need to use our brain to make well informed decisions regarding the environment, our health, and future of this planet.  And to demand that our government make policies based on evidence-based facts, not the other way around.


In the theme of knitted hats, I have seen two designs of DNA hat:



These are all cute, but the patterns look a bit more complicated and time-consuming.


Though I am not a chemist, this may be considered a straightforwardly “science” hat:


Again, the hat is fancy, and may be too fancy to make in a short time.


Just to carry the trend of resistance from the successful Women’s March, we can always wear pussyhats, or the same design in colors of the earth, maybe blue and/or green.


In the time of resistance, self-care is very important.  Knitting is definitely a part of my self-care.  It is meditative, relaxing, and provides a true measure of productivity when a project is completed.  I have recently seen articles regarding its benefits in health and parenting,  but then, most days you just do not have the time.


What are some do-it-in-15 min-or-less ideas.  Print and stick one of these images/messages on the top of a graduation cap?  Or draw on it?  


My personal favorite (though my internet digging suggests that a part of the design was originally produced by a vaping company):


As a Star Wars fan, this one is nice and simple:


Finally, I found this posted in March for Science – Seattle Facebook page, but a comment indicated that it originally was posted on March for Science – Orlando FB page :

There is a knitted version of Klein Bottle Hat:


Of course it does not have to be just hats.  I have seen ideas of wearing lab coats, eye protection goggles, bow ties (re: Bill Nye), carrying flasks and test tubes…


One impression I had having participated in Women’s March was how shrewd and creative signs were (I had a sign envy).  If we all could put our creativity and intelligence together, I feel that we can overcome this tide.  Or at least we can strategize ways to resist.


What ideas for hats, outfits, and signs have you seen?  What are your favorites?  What would be the way to best communicate to the the public that Science is Real?  See you on April 22!

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  • ImDrB says:

    I can't be in DC for the march, unfortunately, but I WILL be wearing a Star Wars Rebel Alliance t-shirt and lab coat all day in solidarity with my colleagues who are representing!! Maybe I'll get some nerd patches to put on my coat?? Ohhh... crafting idea!

  • sel says:

    I think the hats should light up. Science is about enlightenment, illumination, all that jazz. Everybody should get their geek on with LED's and day glo sticks and have some sort of light source on their head. (Caveat: no open flames and nothing that blinks at a frequency that is seizure triggering.) It would look great in photos.

    Before I arrived at the Women's march in DC, I thought the pink hat idea was dumb. (I didn't have one, but luckily I had a pink Planned Parenthood cap that I wore). But as soon as I got on the metro I realized it was a brilliant idea, and it became even clearer at the march and from the photos.

  • Zuska says:

    I want to go on record as stating the brain hats are a BAD idea. Nothing says coastal elite snobs who think we are better & smarter than you like a giant brain. It will not elicit sympathetic reactions from non-scientists, I am certain. It will send a "we're better than you" message.

    • ecologist says:

      Agreed. I had been thinking about how to explain why the idea made me so uncomfortable from the first time I saw it, but your comment sums it up perfectly.

    • I've made one. They're hard. This is intermediate to advanced crochet, and my fingers ached. Plus, odds are, you'll never wear it again unless it's to a Halloween party. It's a cool, novel idea - but more trouble than it's worth, in my opinion. I like the blue/green/brown pussyhat idea, if only for ease and speed of creating.

    • marilyn kimmerling says:

      absolutely right! I intend to go dressed as a salmon because our lack of sense regarding climate change is endangering many species, including ours. Here in Tacoma they have speakers scheduled who have not had the courage to truly speak out about policies here that are endangering our community in favor of giant fossil fuel corporations. They are pushing the U.S.'s largest LNG (read fracked gas) storage facility here in our port and within a half mile of residents, which is very dangerous. My outfit will be made with recycled plastic trash and will be literally attractive and hopefully not elitist. And if I get the opportunity I will disrupt the speakers and demand accountability (again) from our elected representatives.

  • Susan S says:

    The brain hats seem really hard to know. The "magic" of the pussy hats is they were simple enough for a novice knitter (like me) and although it sounds cliche, it really did bring groups of women together to talk, plan ... and knit. I hope a winning hat emerges from this dialogue, because I would really like to make something tangible and specifically on message for this march. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Carol Straforini says:

    I love the green chemistry science hat. But it's earth day! How about blue and green. Top blue/bottom green, maybe brown rim and...

    I can't think of what to say

    but some thing about how we need science to keep us our earth (that's terrible).

    I'm going to be in Yosemite that day and I've thought about making a sign that's the picture of Half Dome or the Valley that says...

    I thought of "God helps those who help themselves"
    Science helps us save our earth and the beauty that feeds it"

    but I don't like this either.

    Blue, green and brown I like a lot.

  • Tom says:

    If you need to make a point, how about a pointy hat? I'm sure at some point in time scientists were called something else... Wizards!

    Simple, quick to make and stand out in a crowd! Like the pussy hat it would be accessible to more novice crafters.

    I know Woolly Wormhead is working on a free design 😉

  • Susan Sawyer says:

    I started a brain hat, but decided that it looked more like intestines --
    and who wants a brain without a skull, anyway? I'm going with color. Making a blue hat, though I don't know that I'll want a wool hat on at the end of April, anyway, even in northern Vermont. It's not January! If it's too hot for wool, I'll wear my green ball cap; that's what I work in, anyway. Naturalists and ecologists spend their time in the field, and lab wear would be quite silly for us. Maybe I'll put twigs all over my hat. Who knows!
    Blue, green, those seem like our colors. I saw some great signs at the women's march, and we can make some great ones for this gathering.

    • ROFL - exactly. An intestine hat. That's what mine looked like, too. And I tried to be sort of anatomically correct AND Halloween gross about it, so it's gray brain matter atop a red cap, and kind of weird. It was a fun idea, and my son (that's who I made it for) kindly kept it, but I'm sure he never actually wore it.

  • I'm making some green hats, and also green and blue (since it is earth day as well). If you are interested, check them out!

  • Lees says:

    Zazzle has some decent options for the non crafter. I like the idea of a sea of green and blue! This is a link to the New Hampshire version I bought, but I have seen a DC one and other states on zazzle

  • ifrog says:

    love these DNA hats

  • Mary Ann says:

    There is a blue resistor hat by Heidi Arjes that I like:

  • Alison Robinett says:

    Do you have crochet Patterns?

  • Jonh says:

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