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One of the goals of this blog is to promote women in STEM. Simply by talking about our experiences and sharing our stories we all let each other know we’re not alone.

Many of our bloggers also participate more actively in outreach programs that encourage girls and young women to pursue careers in STEM fields. Even though we all have different career paths we are passionate about science.

Now we have been given the opportunity to support girls in STEM in another way. We are spreading the word that anyone can get the tech company Slack to donate to Girls Who Code just with a tweet or facebook message.

Girls Who Code works to encourage young women to pursue computer science by providing role models and educational opportunities.

Slack has committed $5,000 to this campaign and yet only has raised $333 so far. Let’s make them give more! Go to and click the “pick this” button for the Girls Who Code cause.

Tweet away!

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